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William Thomas „The Cat Rules”

From William J. Thomas, author of the runaway bestseller The Dog Rules (Damn Near Everything!), comes the perfect companion: The Cat Rules (Everything, Including the Dog!).

Hysterics and hijinks surround his handsome but devious companion Weggie, a clever little devil whose antics could cause the Pope to curse. The scourge of the screen door and a hockey player to boot, Weggie's story provides a spirited romp through life along the lake.

With essential “rules“ for successful human/cat cohabitation, including how to name your pet and rules for rookie owners, The Cat Rules is a must-have for anyone who loves (and occasionally scorns) their beloved pet.

The Cat Rules as they apply to play

Rule 1
Fully extended claws and completely bared fangs are signs that playtime is over.

Rule 4
More catnip? The neighbours already think we're running a grow-op.

Rule 6
You got yourself up there; you get yourself down. No, the fire department said next time they'd bill us.

Rule 10
It's called “fetch.“ Dogs love this game. Now can I rest for a while? Please?

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