Eile avastasin väikese kirja Marilt minule. Olin äärepealt seda paberihundist läbi laskmas... aga õnneks märkasin õigel ajal. Kiri oli kirjutatud thanksgiving teemal (tänupüha), kui inimesi kutsutakse üles mõtlema, mille üle või kellele tänulikud olla! Muidugi tunnistas Mari, et ta poleks seda just nii kergelt paberile pannud, kui koolis poleks vaja olnud seda teha - oleme vist ikka sellised kinnised eestlased :), aga ta kinnitas, et need on tema päris mõtted. Küsisin luba, kas võin selle siia üles riputada ning palun väga, siin see on... minul pani see igal juhul südame sees põksuma ning mõtlema selle üle, kuidas me liiga vähe või liiga hilja vahel avastame, et midagi kena võiks lähedastele öelda!

Dear Mother, Thank you so much for a wonderful and happy life. You have brought me so much happiness by being there for me always when I need you. It is so nice to have you here with me and Kiki, I don't know what I'd to without you.
I would also like to than you for a wonderful time at all the parks you have brought us to. I have spent such a great time with you all my life and hope to share all these happy memories with y children (if I ever do get children).

I wish you could stay with us forever but of course that is not possible because we will all die one day and that will be the end of our story. I would like to say that I love you so much and Dad too, of course, for bringing me up with such love and care.

I would like to thank you for treating me with so much kindness and equality. For giving me so much knowledge in everything which I should know. My life will surely be affected by what you and Dad have talked to me about. You have shown me with clarity how you've only got one life and to make the most of it while you can.

I grealty thank you for everything from when I was young to where I am now. you have taught me a lot and I know you love me back. So, for that I thank you and hope you have a happy Thanksgiving! Love Mari

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